Worthy causes


Most importantly, I’d like to point you all to two very worthy causes:  Child’s Play and Raid for the Cure.  One requires money, the other only requires your time.  I wanted to link these two especially in light of Blizzard’s promotion to buy an in game pet for the Make-a-Wish foundation.  I have worked for Make-a-Wish in the past and I do no like how Blizzard is running things.  Rather than rant and rave about, I’m instead taking a stand to support these causes in word and deed.


I’ve had incredible amounts of traffic recently, both from the Circle of Healing and from my last post on Recount (who knew it’d be so popular!).  As such, I’m even more loathe to post just for the sake of posting.  Every day posts “for the lawls” just isn’t my thing.  🙂  So you can expect something hopefully well thought-out shortly in the future!


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