GotEM – wuuuuut?


Normally, I don’t read nor care about changes that are being played with on the PTR.  Well, okay, I like to peek at what new armor and weapons look like so that I can start planning for RP outfits, but that doesn’t really count.  However, all the changes to GotEM has made me just freak out, so I need to discuss.

As it currently stands, Gift of the Earth Mother is a Restoration Druid talent that reduces the GCD on HoTs.  It’s a very, very powerful talent that allows Trees to stack far less haste than other classes to get their GCD down to 1 second.  Having a 1 second GCD is extra important to a Tree because they throw around so many instant spells.

Blizzard has been looking at the throughput numbers on Trees and have decided that it’s far too high.  (More on -that- later.)  Originally, they were going to reduce the healing on Rejuvenation by removing one of the HoT’s ticks.  They called it a “bug fix” originally, as all ranks below max tick for 15 seconds, while max rank ticks for 18 seconds.  I found it truly hilarious when they finally ‘fessed up that calling it a “bug fix” was a PR move.  Call it by what it is, people, we can handle the word “nerf.”

They decided against this move, as they wanted to do something with GotEM anyway and that would be a Tree nerf enough.  So they left Rejuv as it was and changed GotEM to give 2/4/6/8/10% haste.  The nerf would mean that Tree would need -twice- as much haste to get to a 1 second GCD.  Pretty crazy, but I was prepared to deal with it.  It would nuke my crit rating down to about nothing, but dropping my T9 4-piece bonus when I upgrade to T10 would cause crit in general to be worth a lot less to me.  It was a logical nerf to me.

Now they’ve tacked on a little something else!

….really?  REALLY?  The reason the talent was changed in the first place was because they didn’t like how wonky it made haste for Trees.  At least, that’s the reason they told us!  This change it going to make haste even more complicated, with the GCD of Lifebloom now being calculated all on its own.  The equation to figure out Lifebloom is going to be more math heavy, too, for joy.  So much more work for me with so little pay off.

I guess they figure that we don’t use the spell anyway, so they might as well just throw that on there.  😛


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