Fun blog stuff


I have a couple new blogs that I’ve been reading!

Too Many Annas is a really fun one and I especially like her RP articles.  She has a lovely one about playing characters of the opposite gender that I really enjoyed, especially, as I RP a guy.

Postcards from Azeroth features very, very lovely images taken from around WoW.  I like it in particular because it reminds to stop and look around at the game once in a while.  Plugging away at raid content can really make you lose track of the little, amazing things in the game.

Miss Medicina is probably the best Holy priest blog I’ve found and I’ve had a good time hanging out over there.  Jessabelle is thoughtful, well-spoken and quite knowledgable.  She also goes Disc/Holy, which just makes my little healing lead heart flutter!  😀

Last but not least, I’ve considered joining Blog Azeroth, but I think it’s too early to do so.  I’m not convinced that I have something new or interesting to say yet.  If I end up sticking around, I’ll probably go and join up.


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