I just ran this about 8 times in a row on my priest (regular mode, obviously, but she’s still little and horribly geared [not even kidding!]), so I just wanted to get my thoughts down.

– On the first boss fight with the three champions, I give you two jobs and two jobs only, tanks:  keep aggro on all three and get out of the bloody poison.  *sighs*  I’m so sick of being killed by the mage or the hunter when there’s really no reason for it.  Throw a shield or a weapon or SOMETHING.  I don’t make that much threat with my bubbles, geez.  And get out of the poison ASAP.  That stuff will wipe you out faster than you can ever believe.  DPS?  Run out of the poison, even if the tank isn’t.  I mean, GTFO!  The healer will pretty much be ignoring you and spamming on the tank.  Your numbers will forgive you.

– On the second boss, if it’s the paladin guy?  Why can’t you turn away, DPS?  Do you think that getting stunned increases your DPS or something?  And if the healer gets Hammer of Justice-d and you’re a paladin or priest or shaman, why not dispel it so your healer doesn’t get one shot?  We’d love you for it!

– On the second boss, if it’s the priest chick?  Tank, please pick up aggro FAST on that add that pops up.  And DPS, kick it up hardcore on the add.  This fight is healing intensive and has an annoying fear (TREMOR TOTEM).  So, you know, chill and let us do our job.

– Third boss: Stop standing in the DK evil ground thingy!  (I’m a healer, not a DK, I don’t know what it’s called. LOL)  And stop getting blown up when the ghouls get the mark over their heads, geez.  During the ghosty phase, for the love of all that’s holy, stand on the boss!  You take less damage there!  All you casters, hop to it.  And if the healer gets targeted with the debuff, be ready for them to die.  So, so squishy.

…I look forward to better gear so I don’t get one shot. <_<


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