Kael’thas: Still a jerk


Last night (before my head exploded and decided to not allow me to RP, grr) we went back to Tempest Keep to get one of our hunters a dragon-hawk pet there.  It’s pretty, all pink and purple!  In my wisdom, I said “hey guys, let’s kill Kael while we’re here!”  Because, you know, I assumed we could stomp him into the ground easily.

The fight is still no pushover!  Phases 1 and 2 were made of easy, but all the CCs in phase 3 were giving us issues and then we’d wipe in phase 4 due to the mind controls.  HILARIOUS!  It’s what we get for trying it with, like, 7 people and no rogues!  So we brought a few more people in (rogue!) and ended up beating him.  It just reminded of that time over a year ago when we were wiping and wiping and wiping…  We brought people who hadn’t killed him yet and it astounded me how much I remembered of the fight.  From over a year ago!  I even still had that issue saying Thaladred’s name that I used to.  😛  (Theodred is from Lord of the Rings, me!  Get it right!)

All in all, no mount but we did get our paladin tank a very cool sword for role-play and I finally got my Tier 5 chest-piece.  Now all I need is the helm!  Vashj!  You’re next!!!



  1. The only way I would go back is if they added a TOC-style “skip the pageantry” option. That guy talks A LOT.

    • Boy, does he! Back in the day, when we’d be working on him week after week, we used to make up parodies of his speeches. SO MUCH TALKING GAH

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