Let me try this crazy new thing called a “blog!”


Hello, world!

So, this is (hopefully) looking to be my new blog about healing in that crazy thing called the World of Warcraft!  Yes, I realize there are a million blogs on this subject out there, something focusing on a single class and some with multiple people working on them.  I actually decided to start one up for myself because I saw quite a few things in those blogs that I just didn’t agree with.  Granted, I’m a number cruncher (mmm, numbers!), so I apologize about that.  I hope I can make it not as… crunchy!

Interesting things about me:

–  I played EverQuest for a very long time and did end-game raiding on there as a high elf cleric.  I very much enjoyed what it felt like to be part of a larger group.  Actually, not just being a part of it, but being an important part of it.  I distinctly really before the Plane of Knowledge came out sitting near the newbie zones, selling buffs for money!  Or sitting around somewhere casting damaging spells on myself to work my spell casting skills.  (So glad I was a healer then, let me tell ya!)  Hrm, other favorite things about it…  Oh!  My clicky pants!  That summoned a -hammer pet to fight for me!-  Fabulous!  Even better than my clicky-rez mace, which no cleric should be without, of course.  Compared to healing in EQ (full-heal rotations, go!), healing in WoW is fun and dynamic.  We have it good now, let me tell ya.

–  I like healing.  I -really- like healing.  I currently raid on my Holy Paladin and my Restoration Druid, with a Discipline Priest soon being added to that mix.  Generally, anything new I heal on my paladin first (she’s my main) and then once it’s no longer progression, I heal on the druid.  Soon, I’ll probably be then healing that content on my priest once my druid has no upgrades left for her.  Another general rule of thumb is that my paladin is for 25s and my druid is for 10s.  With the new set-up with hardmodes being an entirely separate raid, most likely it’ll be:  paladin for 25 hardmodes, druid for regular 25 regulars and 10 hardmodes, priest for 10 regulars.  Yes, I raid very regularly.

– I’m in a good raiding group, generally considered 3rd place on the server.  We have a failing in that we have the potential to be higher in the pecking order, but we’re too relaxed to do so.  And we don’t judge people on performance.  (Let’s not touch that for now!)

– I’m on an RP server.  Roleplay is a HUGE part of the game for me.  The people who say you can’t raid and roleplay both?  Yeah, they’re dumb.

– I like PvP a lot, but I’m not AMG OBSESSED like some of my friends.

– Yeah, I’m female.  And yes, I call myself a chick.  And generally males are dudes.  Guy is typically gender neutral.  Just, you know, so you don’t think I’m being all sexist when I use these words. 😛

That’s all I can think of for now.  Post tomorrow’s raid, we’ll see what my brain comes up with.  Ciao!


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