A quick peek at my UI and some non-indepth discussion


Let me right up-front in that I am -not- really very good with changing UIs.  I downloaded the one that I use from wowintereface.com and edited it enough to make myself happy with it.  And I am really happy with it!  Not happy with the picture too much, though. 😛  Next time I promise to have someone focused and be casting so you can see it.  Also, you can’t get the exact UI I have anymore, since the author as since updated it, but I got it from Couture!

Pink is for Paladin!

Pink is for Paladin!

As you can see, I have a large amount of open space to work with, especially for a healer!  Very important for me to avoid standing in fires.  Also, I always have Recount open, as I’m my raiding group’s healing lead and it’s important for me to know what’s going on.  Also, and this is my favorite, I -love- the vertical raid interface!  Tons of healers (dare I say most serious raiding healers) use Grid, but I’m really bad with how blocky it is.  The vertical set-up is just the happiest thing for me!  I even have Pitbull set up so that I can see debuffs, specifically ones I can Cleanse off.

You’ll notice I don’t have crazy amounts of buttons, as I like to keep things very streamlined.  The bar on the left is my “always the same” bar with my most important keybinds.  The bar to the right is my “constantly changing” keys.  The little bar on the bottom stays the same, generally, as it is my non-important bar, mostly with attacks and out of combat things.  (I really need to move my mana potions up to the more important position, but I never used them until the Illumination nerf and old habits, eh?  :P)  I should point out that I DO NOT use Clique and I think it’s actually a very poor tool for healers, as it makes you move with your keyboard rather than your mouse.  You can get just as much speed and power out of using mouse-over macros with your keybinds, without having to sacrifice your mobility.  If you have a mouse with more than just the basic right and left buttons, however, macroing important spells to a few buttons is a good idea.  I have my center one macro’d to Cleanse, which comes in handy more than I ever dreamed possible.

Please note PallyPower!  How any paladin does -anything- without that, I’ll never know!  Even nice for 5-mans!

I also have Powerauras on there, as I have this tendency to forget to rebuff my Seals or switch auras.  I have it set up for Beacon of Light and Sacred Shield, as well, along with the DBM timers I have for those.  (The timers show up above the little target-of-target window you see there.)  Powerauras is a great add-on and very useful, although I do wish there were a way to have it show when those buffs are on -anyone- in the raid.  Here’s hoping they get that figured out at some point, as I can’t always have my Beacon person as my focus. : /  I was going to set it up to let me know when my mace procs, but… well the GIANT bubble you see around me makes it pretty obvious.  LOL

Hopefully, I’ll be able to touch on some of this stuff more in detail later, including specifics. 😀  Ciao!


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  1. I know I’m late to the party, but I just found your blog. Could you clarify how Clique gives you less mobility than mouseover macros? Either way you have to move the mouse over the unit to cast.

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